Our studio for architecture was established in 2000 - it is a private firm founded by Architect Jeyapandian K. We represent innovative and sustainable architecture which represents our belief in "LIVE AND LET LIVE". We, J&S ARCHITECTS are a multi-disciplinary consolidation of design professionals, Architecture and Engineering consultants with construction management skills and experience that ranges from planning and implementation of large projects to interiors. We offer counseling on the feasibility and viability of projects and on prospects for its development. We have an unmatched reputation for design of information technology parks, health care facilities, commercial facilities, large educational campuses, high end offices, hospitality projects and high value housing projects.

Every project We, J&S ARCHITECTS undertake is conceptualized as a unique and eco-friendly design that encapsulates all client requirements in an integrated, functionally efficient and aesthetically elegant manner. Space planning, good day lighting and natural ventilation are component ingredients of our approach to design, combined with innovation and a willingness to embrace new and sustainable technologies. Across all projects, we design green and contextual environments that include unique landscapes, bio-diversity, contemporary and energy efficient technologies. Each project has a unique identity in sense of color, proportion and perception and a strong sense of place and belonging.


“The strive to create innovative architecture using state of the art
technology to live in harmony with nature.”

We, J&S ARCHITECTS…..., strongly believes that Architecture is the art of composing spaces in response to existing environmental and urbanity conditions to answer a client's needs. Our studio, strives to achieve sculptural forms and spaces, with innovative atmosphere that juxtaposes colors, textures and materials.The Ultimate goal is the utmost satisfaction of the clients in every aspect of architecture.


Make an architectural statement

Without compromising on our identity and professional integrity.

Provide the most creative, innovative and inspiring architectural solutions

In response to client's brief thus transforming their dream into reality.

Assist in widening the imagination of the client

Through 'state of the art' skilled professional presentation.

Create enduring architectural splendors

In perfect harmony with the environment that they are set in, while adopting features that will be climatically responsive, sustainable and energy efficient.